Family First

Family is where life begins and love never ends.Family members are among those few people in this present day world, who will genuinely worry about you, and want you to be safe and Secure. After designing “Thumb2thief” one of the best Antitheft app ,Now Tech Rudraum has designed “Family First” App which has so many phenomenal Feature for you and your family. Family first is the best security blanket for your Loved ones and tool to keep an eye on your servants.

speed-alert.png   SPEEDALERT

With this feature In case Someone cross the normal Speed the User and Owner will get Notification.

bettry.png   BATTERYALERT

In this feature whenever anyone's battery will get low The user will get notification And the owner will also get notification.

tracking.png   TRACK

In this feature Family members can track each other’s Location to ensure their loves ones are safe.They can also track location of servant, However servant can not track their location.



With this feature The user can easily check their location history anytime.

shareloation.png   LOCATION SHARE

With this feature your can share your location with your family members from anywhere.

emergency.png   EMERGENCY

In this feature If any family member presses the Emergency button in emergency Situation. All family members will receive notification with the location and place name. And an email with location, place and picture attached will be sent on your registered email.