This amazing one to one personalized chatting App. V2 chat is an end to end-encrypted app. It’s various features make it completely reliable for sharing out anything & everything you want with only ONE person. Whatever you share will be BETWEEN YOU TWO forever completely safe & secure.

1-to-1-chat.png   1 TO 1 CHAT

This is a completely personalized chat app wherein you can chat just with a single person. It is customized to be only between “WE TWO”. So now pour out all your secrets without the fear of being misused or leaked even by the one with whom you are chatting.

icons8-burglary-40.png   CHAT WIPER

If the app is deleted by one of the user. All the chat data would be wiped from the chat box of other user as well. So that the data cannot be used otherwise.

detelte-forever.png   DELETE FOREVER

If you delete a sent message, it would be deleted from chat box of both the users. So just go on writing whatever is in your mind.


pop-up.png   SECURED POP UP

The app’s Pop Up would be blank. The pop up would only notify about receipt of message but the message would not be displayed. So even if your phone is in someone else hand no need to worry about your secret chats.

no-data-storage.png   NO DATA STORAGES

Whatever you share over V2 Chat will not be saved anywhere. You can share your personal pictures, secret documents, passwords and what not, that too without any worry.


This unique and outstanding feature is what makes the app one of its kinds. After all the above protective systems, the emergency password can save you from disclosing your chat data even on a gunpoint insistence.