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At Tech Rudraum a team of dedicated researchers endlessly design new and state-of-art security softwares to protect Digital Assets from threats and thieves.

At Rudraum we're passionate about building great mobile applications that leverage the full capabilities of smartphones.

We merge imagination and technology to help users to grow in an age of digital transformation.

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Rudraum Thumb2thief

In today's scenario mobile phones are not just a mode of communication, but in short your secret box. All things from bank account details, personal pictures, private chats, important contacts are stored in your mobile device. Some of these are so important that your life may come in trouble if they are placed in wrong hands. To protect these, Tech Rudraum has designed a state-of-art app, which not only protects your mobile device from being stolen but also keeps it safe from Viruses and Trojans.

1. Web Panel : Remote access to web panel, track device location, capture photo from front & back camera, start alarm & can wipe the data.

2. SIM Change Alert : Whenever anyone change SIM card in your mobile then you will get message alert on register mobile by new SIM.

3. Thief Tracker : This feature would give you location & photo of the thief whenever an attempt is made to unlock the device.

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Anti Hacking

Anti Hacking:- The Anti Hacking feature secure your device from hacking, phishing, data theft, spammers etc.

1. Anti phishing : This feature enables to check whether the website you want to access is safe or not. It gives an alert if the website is unsafe or if it compromises with security.

2. Secure : The following options would send alert in case of any threat if notification permission is given. (a) Camera: - Disable the device's camera. (b) Microphone: - Any App installed in the device won't be able to access the device, microphone. (c)Wi-Fi: - This feature enables to restrict Wi-Fi access only to permitted devices. (d)Bluetooth: - This feature enables to restrict Bluetooth access only to permitted devices.

3. Permissions : This feature enables you to check access permissions granted to particular App and also lists all apps using particular access permission eg. camera access.

4. Hidden : This feature allows you to get the information about the hidden apps in your device.

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V2 Chat

This amazing one to one personalized chatting App. V2 chat is an end to end-encrypted app. It’s various features make it completely reliable for sharing out anything & everything you want with only ONE person. Whatever you share will be BETWEEN YOU TWO forever completely safe & secure.

1. 1 to 1 Chat : This is a completely personalized chat app wherein you can chat just with a single person. It is customized to be only between “WE TWO”. So now pour out all your secrets without the fear of being misused or leaked even by the one with whom you are chatting.

2. No Data Storage : Whatever you share over V2 Chat will not be saved anywhere. You can share your personal pictures, secret documents, passwords and what not, that too without any worry.

3. Delete Forever : If you delete a sent message, it would be deleted from chat box of both the users. So just go on writing whatever is in your mind.

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Family First

Family is where life begins and love never ends. Family members are among those few people in this present day world, who will genuinely worry about you, and want you to be safe and Secure. After designing “Thumb2thief" one of the best Antitheft app, Now Rudraum has designed "Family First" App which has so many phenomenal Feature for you and your family. Family first is the best security blanket for your Loved ones and tool to keep an eye on your servants.

Share Location : With this feature your can share your location with your family members from anywhere.

Emergency In this feature If any family member presses the Emergency button in emergency Situation. All family members will receive notification with the location and place name. And an email with location, place and picture attached will be sent on your registered email.

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We are devolopers, we are designers, we are partners

We merge imagination and technology to help users to grow in an age
of digital transformation. We are devolopers, we are designers, we are partners