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Tech Rudraum Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned technology firm that specialises in innovative solutions for a wide range of industries. We are well-known for our expertise in emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

About Our Company

We are Tech Rudraum Pvt. Ltd., a rapidly growing technological powerhouse. We take great pride in creating cutting-edge and durable Android applications, accessories, and software for security that is intended to safeguard you, your loved ones, and your digital possessions. Let us walk you through some of our cutting-edge programmes that redefine security and provide you peace of mind.

Mobile Total Security (MTS)

MTS (Mobile Total Security) prioritizes mobile device security, empowering users to protect their devices from hacking or theft. In case of theft, MTS enables personalized notes on stolen gadgets, deterring theft and aiding in potential recovery. MTS ensures device and data security, safeguarding the entire mobile experience.

Thumb to Thief

Thumb2Thief is powerful software, your ultimate defense against theft and hacking. Its sophisticated features allow remote tracking and retrieval of stolen or misplaced mobile devices. Protect your private information with anti-hacking methods offered by Thumb2Thief. Take control of your digital life through real-time tracking, remote data wiping, and cutting-edge security standards. Safeguard your valuable data and regain peace of mind with Thumb2Thief.

Family First

Family First is a comprehensive parental control tool that prioritizes the safety of your loved ones, especially kids, in the online world. With child lock, website limitations, and speed limit notifications, you can effectively monitor and regulate your child’s internet activity. Rest easy knowing that offensive content, cyberbullying, and potential threats are effectively prevented. Trust Family First to guide and protect your family online.

Women and Child Security

For the security of women and children, there is ongoing live location tracking. Unlock the safety function that, when activated, notifies emergency contacts of your position.


Visit and join us on this thrilling trip as we set the stage for a connected and safe future. Visit our website, learn about our offerings, and see for yourself the difference Tech Rudraum makes in the technology and security industries. Let’s redefine security together so that you may confidently enter the digital world.

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